Brought together by accidents and sagacity, The Serendipity Society is a network intending to promote rigorous research and support for researchers of serendipity of all sorts.



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The Serendipity Society is comprised of researchers examining the complex phenomenon of serendipity from a variety of disciplinary and organizational perspectives. Given the growing interest among industry and academic institutions in developing spaces for serendipity, our mission is to create and nurture an active network of serendipity researchers, which

  • supports collaboration among senior and junior scholars,
  • promotes rigorous interdisciplinary research,
  • works toward the consolidation of research and development of theory,
  • creates a platform from which to develop serendipity research as an independent field of study,
  • provides a resource of expertise on serendipity to which organizations, funders, innovators, and planners can turn.

Recent Society Activities:

Beginning April 2020: #serendipityreads, A Twitter Journal Club

Official launch of the SerSoc blog

First International Serendipity Society Conference: ‘State of the Art, Serendipity Research as an Emerging Field’, September 5-6 2019, City, University of London, UK

Symposium: The ‘Future of Serendipity’ in a Changing World, August 9 2017

Meeting and Paper Session: SerSoc at the Association for Information Science & Technology annual meeting, October 29 & 30 2017

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Please contact by email us if you wish to be a member*, added to our mailing list for society events, or have a comment or contribution to make to the Society:


*There are currently no membership fees, and those without publications are also encouraged to enquire.